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Watch: Wye Oak’s super weird new video for “Glory”

on April 30, 2014, 1:55pm

The new video for Wye Oak’s “Glory” is for all the thinkers in the audience. Directed by Michael Patrick O’Leary and Ashley North Compton, the eerie f*cking bizarre clip turns everyday objects and people into straight-up creepy pieces of symbolism. Gold beads and sneakers, ice cream cones, flowers, and cigarettes are just a few of the normally innocuous things that have been given newly-sinister meaning. There’s also a bunch of blonde girls who look harmless enough, yet something about how they interact with one another rubs me the wrong way. Sort of makes me think they’re up to no good American Horror Story-style.

So, for those of us who aren’t Semiotics experts, what does it all mean? Compton explained her vision behind the cryptic visuals: “The video explores an internal and external power struggle and a fear of loss of control—through the lens of youth, anxiety, ease, and tension. The narrative follows youth-oriented themes, colors, styles and struggles with jarring and uncomfortable characters and movements. The editing and format allow for notions and items to be broken and reformed, given and taken back. Feelings of impulsivity and unsettledness are evoked.”

Watch it below (via A.V. Club):

“Glory” is off Wye Oak’s fourth albumShriekout now on Merge Records.

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