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20 Outrageous Album Covers: Volume Three

on May 28, 2014, 12:00pm
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What can I say about 20 Outrageous Album Covers Volume Three that wasn’t already mentioned in Volumes One or Two? You know the drill. These covers are garish, grotesque, racy, and just flat-out flabbergasting. Poor taste abounds once again, and at least one of these covers will likely cause you to rethink your life in one way or another.

Here’s something, though: how I finalized which album covers (all proposed by our staff) to include. Want to hear? Don’t worry. It’s short.

screen shot 2013 08 29 at 2 14 03 pm 20 Outrageous Album Covers: Volume Three

Author Nick Hornby (you know him as the author of High Fidelity), when not working on novels or essays, also reviews records. In his essay collection 31 Songs, he explains how he chooses which records to review. Album covers are a primary criterion. For instance, if the album cover features severed body parts, acts of sexual perversity (with or without animals), or the emission of one or more bodily fluids, Hornby simply passes.

So, with each submission, I simply asked myself, “Would Nick Hornby review this record based on the album cover?” And the result is Outrageous Album Covers Volume Three. In the following pages, you’ll find absolutely nothing that would appeal to a polite, middle-aged, English pop enthusiast music critic. Incidentally, I select restaurants and fall jackets the same way—so, there’s that.

–Matt Melis
Senior Editor

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