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20 Outrageous Album Covers: Volume Three

on May 28, 2014, 12:00pm
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Pantera – Metal Magic

pantera - metal magic

We all know that Dimebag Darrell is seated on a pearly throne in Heaven smiling down on us mere mortals. But we should take pause and reflect back on his band’s creative choices. Metal Magic was Pantera’s debut album. The sound is not quite fully realized, but its cover art is a true masterpiece. And by masterpiece, I mean it looks like an ink job that a tweaked-out biker would plaster on his saggy left calf at a discount flea market run by a tattoo artist who not only uses one of those middle school squiggle pens but also suffers from an early onset of Parkinson’s disease. RIP, Dimebag. I’ll be seeing you soon. –Dan Pfleegor

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