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5 Reasons To Attend Detroit’s Movement Electronic Music Festival

on May 22, 2014, 3:12pm
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Welcome to The Drop, Derek Staples’ new column focusing specifically on the ever-evolving market and culture behind EDM through op-editorials, interviews, and investigative reporting. Today, he’s attempting to get your feet over to Detroit this weekend for the city’s highly underrated Movement Electronic Music Festival.

With over a dozen multi-day music festivals occurring over the extended Memorial Day weekend, fans from across the music spectrum have options on how they would like to spend that hard-earned live entertainment budget. The growing number of dance music enthusiasts might have the toughest decision, as EDC: NYC, Sunset Music Festival, the debut US-edition of Mysteryland, Lightning in a Bottle, and consummate best-fest contender Sasquatch! all bring in enough electronic beats to pull revelers from across the globe. The coasts claim the majority of these festivals, but it’s Detroit that draws the true electronic music die-hards.

Since its launch in 2000, Movement Electronic Music Festival has gone by several names, but the concept has always been the same: create an environment for techno and house legends to dig deep into their crates while fostering new international talent with prime placement across the intimate urban setting. The festival might no longer be free; however, if you ever have a craving for the dancefloor, you’ll be hard set to find a better way to spend $142.

Even as the number of competing festivals increases, the promoters behind Paxahau have had little difficulty booking the most coveted of electronic music talent for the three-day event. The team probably cannot match the skyrocketing performance fees of some of this talent, but there is an aura that surrounds Detroit’s Hart Plaza during the festival that keeps both talent and fans coming back year-after-year. If you have yet to make the pilgrimage, here are a five solid reasons why you should be driving out this weekend.

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