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Andrew W.K.’s 7 Birthday Party Must-Haves

on May 09, 2014, 12:00am
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Professional partier Andrew W.K. obviously doesn’t need a reason to party. Partying is in his DNA; it is as crucial to his W.K.-ness as the all-white ensemble. However, if there were ever a time particularly worthy of celebration, it’s now. The party connoisseur turns 35 years old today: Friday, May 9th. Naturally, the authority on partying would have some pointers for throwing a birthday bash — so that’s why we reached out to the birthday boy himself.

When we asked if there’s such a thing as “too much birthday party,” W.K. unsurprisingly answered without hesitation, “Oh no, not at all.” We delved into the glory of baked goods, the importance of “Happy Birthday”, and party etiquette. Without further ado, the sage of shindigs shares his top seven birthday party must-haves…

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