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Casey Kasem, voice of Top 40 Radio, is ill and missing

on May 12, 2014, 9:44pm

82-year-old radio icon Casey Kasem has long been suffering from Parkinson’s disease, which has progressed to such an advanced point that he can no longer speak. And now his kids have no idea where he’s being treated.

According to a report from NBC News, the “American Top 40” host is missing and a Los Angeles Superior Court judge has ordered an investigation to locate him. Kasem’s daughter Kerri brought the case to court in the hopes of being given some say into how her father is cared for.

Kerri was named Casey’s temporary caretaker at a hearing on Monday, having told the court that she suspected her father was being treated on an Indian reservation in Washington state. However, Craig Marcus, a lawyer for Casey’s wife Jean Kasem, said he had no idea where Kasem actually was. He claimed all he knew was that Casey had “been removed from the country” and that Jean had every right to move her ailing husband without informing his kids. The confusion prompted Judge Daniel S. Murphy to order the investigation into Casey’s whereabouts.

For years, Kasem’s children (Kerri, Julie, and Mike) with his first wife, Linda Myers, have been in contention with his second and current wife, Jean. As Casey’s primary caretaker, Jean has been very restrictive with how often his children are allowed to see him; at one point last year, she offered visitation every third Sunday and holidays. Julie filed a similar case last year that was dismissed after a settlement was reached. In court Monday, Julie said Jean had breached that agreement.

Casey Kasem founded the Top 40 franchise in 1970 along with Don Bustany and Ron Jacobs. Kasem hosted the hit radio program, counting down the most popular songs in America, from 1970 to 1988, and again in 1998 before retiring in 2009. In between, he hosted Casey’s Top 40, Casey’s Hot 20, and Casey’s Countdown.

Kasem also lent his recognizable voice to the character of Shaggy from Scooby Doo for 40 years, as well as Robin from the long-running Super Friends show and many Transformers during the 80s. His voice cameoed in the 1984 smash Ghostbusters, a film which also featured an appearance from Jean Kasem as the dancing girl at Louis Tully’s party.

In addition to the investigation and appointment of Kerri to primary caretaker, the Judge Murphy appointed a doctor to Casey’s medical case.

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