Listen: Pretty Lights, RAC, Wrestlers, and more create Red Bull Editions Remixes

on May 09, 2014, 5:14pm

Recently, Red Bull launched Red Bull Editions, three flavored varieties that add a new spin to Red Bull’s already energizing formula. To coincide with these flavor remixes, Red Bull also launched the Red Bull Editions Remixes, which pair Red Bull Sound Select and Red Bull Records artists with a few noteworthy producers and other collaborators. Appropriately, each of the three remixes draws direct inspiration from an Editions flavor — the tastes of cranberry, lime, and blueberry, all with the effect of Red Bull.

The Red Bull Red Edition remix pairs Red Bull Sound Select artist Wrestlers (formerly Bagheera) with Portland producer RAC, who reworked the Twin Shadow and D’Angelo Lacy-aided “Say Anything”. What was formerly a light and shimmery dance-pop ballad has slide into the realm of sleek and sensuous disco anthem, with Twin Shadow and Lacy’s come-hither vocals layered over snappy drum machines, house-inspired pianos, and funky synth grooves.

In a statement, Wrestlers spoke of their initial reaction to the RAC remix treatment:

“We were pretty blown away when we found out RAC was remixing our song. He’s definitely one of the most unique and driving forces in dance music today, and an incredibly talented musician. We love the direction he took the remix in, and how he really made it his own. We can’t wait to bump this one at our late night cabana parties.”

For the Red Bull Silver Edition remix, Tae Beast (of Digi+Phonics) tackles New Beat Fund’s song “Get Up”. Here, Beast takes the Red Bull Records band’s blend of punk, soul, and reggae and gives it more of a harder-edged, West Coast-rap inspired feel. Though still upbeat, hard-hitting drums lend some weight to the saccharine harmonies and sunny guitar solos. Adding even more intensity and ferocity is Top Dawg Entertainment’s own Jay Rock, whose manic flow fits nicely with the multi-faceted soundscape.

Finally, the Red Bull Blue Edition remix sees Pretty Lights try his hand at Red Bull Records artist Five Knives’ new song “Savages”. Perhaps of all the remixes, this is the most noticably tweaked and/or modified: while the original featured an infectiously optimistic chorus and a swelling up-tempo groove, Pretty Lights responds by spinning it into a sultry slice-of trip-hop. However, amid the spurts of dub bass, the collage of choppy synths, and random, skewered samples, the original’s upbeat heart and soul remains intact.

Check out each remix below. To grab your free download, or for more on Red Bull Editions and these Red Bull Sound Select artists, head over to remix.redbull.com.

Wrestlers – “Say Anything” (RAC remix):

Five Knives – “Savages” (Pretty Lights remix):

New Beat Fund – “Get Up” (Tae Beast-Jay Rock remix):

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