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Movement 2014: 11 Ways to Accept Beats Into Your Life

on May 28, 2014, 11:21am
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That Commute Is Better At 130 BPMs


Underground 2

With that energetic buzz settling in, kick on some Monoloc and get ready to take flight during your morning commute. Whether it be via bike, car, or bus, when he breaks into one of his favorite CLR cuts, you will instantaneously feel like you have been shot out of a cannon. With his set taking place mid-day Saturday at the Underground Stage, Monoloc cast the audience into a dizzying trance as his spiraling synths wrapped the audience in a net of industrial bleakness. Unlike more aggressive hard techno producers of 2012 like Truncate and Nicole Maudaber, Monoloc never drives you to the edge, merely bringing the audience to a point of absolute attention. Locked into Monoloc’s four-to-the-floor punch, those potholes, forgotten turn signals, and smelly transients will be all but small hurdles. Please do not blame CoS for any unwanted speeding infractions.

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