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Sasquatch! 2014: Top 10 Sets + Photos

on May 27, 2014, 11:16am
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Most Devoted Crowd



There was a mass exodus after Phantogam’s rousing set at the Bigfoot Stage, leaving only a few stragglers who stayed to wait for Mogwai. As I mentioned something about being surprised everyone was leaving, two guys came up to me and said, “Oh, so you’re the other Mogwai fan we’ve heard rumors about it!” Mogwai fans weren’t exactly as rare as a never nude (“There are dozens of us! Dozens!”), but those who did show up early on were clearly devoted post-rock disciples. Since the band canceled their 2012 Sasquatch! appearance last minute due to travel issues, the anticipation was high for this performance. Before the band even started, conversations were brewing over all the gear. There was gossip about how many guitar tones each member would have and just how loud it would get, each person building off the other’s excitement. With that bit of pre-show education, opener “Heard About You Last Night” off their latest album, Rave Tapes, had more depth than just exemplary post-rock. Each moving piece in the band had its own unique flourishes. And yes, it was loud.

–Dusty Henry

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