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Stream: Boots’ debut mixtape WinterSpringSummerFall

on May 05, 2014, 4:41pm

When he outed himself last month as the man behind the mysterious Boots moniker, songwriter/producer Jordy Asher also revealed plans for his debut mixtape. Today, Asher officially unveils WinterSpringSummerFall, an effort comprised of both previously-unveiled singles and assorted uploads from his Soundcloud.

In an interview (read: he posted a bunch of pics) with Buzzfeed, Asher revealed that the “album/mixtape/whatever the fuck you wanna call it” was recorded over the last year in various locales, including Australia, New Orleans, Miami, and London. According to Asher, “Everything sounds like music to me, so sometimes when I hear things in the city or in nature, I’ll record those sounds and put them into songs. A train I heard in New Orleans ended up in the song ‘Dust’.”

The album contains the Beyoncé-assisted “Dreams”,  “Ride Ride Ride” featuring Sia“A Day in the Life of Jordy Asher”, “Dust”, and “Howl”. As for the less celebrated fare, standouts include the Son Lux collaboration “Troubled World”, the chillwave ballad “EST”, and the ragtime-inspired romp entitled “Alright”. Equally sensuous and introspective, with references to everything from disco and funk to some old-school R&B, WinterSpringSummerFall offers profound insight into the unpredictable tastes and multi-faceted emotions of pop music’s most exciting young talent.

Stream and/or download it below:

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