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Stream: Owen Pallett’s new album In Conflict

on May 18, 2014, 11:18pm

Owen Pallett’s new album, In Conflict, is out May 27 via Domino Records. In anticipation, it’s streaming in full at NPR.

The record follows up 2010’s Heartland as well as his collaborative, Oscar-nominated score with Arcade Fire for Spike Jonze’s film Her. The album features guest work from Brian Eno as well as previously released singles “On a Path“, “Song for Five & Six“, “The Riverbed“, and “I’m Not Afraid“.

In an interview with Noisey earlier this year, Pallett discussed how he hopes the record “can side-step or avoid any words like self-help or catharsis or autobiographical because I don’t ever want this record to seem like it’s a product of my state of mind or my biography, but rather it’s a product of my intention as an artist.” 

He goes on to explain that while recording the record he felt a kinship with other songwriters, particularly familiar musicians like Lisa Germano and Tori Amos, who are frequently labeled as cathartic and confessional. He adds, “These are terms of negation that obscure the idea that someone like Lisa, who people love to talk about her alcoholism, or Tori, where people love to talk about her fairy worshiping, but all it does is use their intentions and further otherwise them. This record is not self-help; it was made with very specific intentions.”

Check out the tracklist for In Conflict below as well as a trailer for the album.

In Conflict Tracklist:
01. I Am Not Afraid
02. In Conflict
03. On a Path
04. Song for Five & Six
05. The Secret Seven
06. Chorale
07. The Passions
08. The Sky Behind the Flag
09. —> [1]
10. The Riverbed
11. Infernal Fantasy
12. Soldiers Rock
13. —> [2]

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