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Take a tour of Earl Sweatshirt’s house

on May 14, 2014, 2:50pm

I just assumed that most of the Odd Future collective lived together, perhaps in some giant bouncy castle or tree fort, where they could skate and wreak havoc and make S’mores every day of their young, joyous lives. While I can’t speak for the living situations of the remaining OF members, one Earl Sweartshirt has his own place, located in the “nasty” part of downtown Hollywood. As part of their ongoing At Home With series, The FADER recently stopped by Earl’s crib for an insightful guided tour.

You may inevitably ask how Earl’s living, and the answer is somewhere between a frat boy and a perpetual bachelor. Totally shirtless, Earl shows off his high-end, imported leather couch (yeah, imported from the IKEA on San Fernando Blvd.), his sizable skate shoe collection, a random sampling of books and CD’s (he digs Nick Offerman’s Paddle Your Own Canoe), his surprisingly organized laundry bag, and, wait for it, his exfoliating gloves. As a recently-married man, I am totally envious; I’d kill to walk around so unhindered, eating candy and practice Kung fu with my buds.

Enjoy the full tour below. Just be careful of all the pizza boxes.

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