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The 10 Worst Lollapalooza Scheduling Conflicts

on May 16, 2014, 5:16pm
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Similar to Bonnaroo, who revealed its 2014 schedule with ample time before its June launch, Lollapalooza has gone ahead and unlocked its entire three-day weekend plans, too… ahem, three months in advance. Really, if you can’t sort out your scheduling problems — and admittedly, there are aplenty — between now and August, then you’ve got major issues with time efficiency. Regardless, we’ve posted the 10 worst conflicts and offered up our two cents on “how to deal.”

10. Warpaint vs. Iggy Azalea vs. Jagwar Ma

war iggy jagwar The 10 Worst Lollapalooza Scheduling Conflicts

Time: Friday, 3:30 p.m.

The first conflict of the weekend, and it’s a doozy. Should you start your day off with a heavy dose of lady energy, be it hip-hop or understated indie rock? Or, should you start off with some Australian Vegemite>Nutella energy, be it hip-hop or psychedelic dance rock? Iggy Azalea spans both categories, but your time might be better spent catching “Fancy” and then splitting for another show.

CoS Recommends: Jagwar Ma. Camp out at the Grove Stage early enough and you’ll catch some of Courtney Barnett’s show and get a double dose of Down Under. –Pat Levy

09. Spoon vs. The Head and The Heart vs. Jenny Lewis

spoon head jenny The 10 Worst Lollapalooza Scheduling Conflicts

Time: Saturday, 6:45 p.m.

These three names might be the sole reason Mr. Corduroy and Ms. Straw Hat originally bought a ticket. While Spoon veers more towards the rock spectrum, there’s no doubt a handful of folksters also dig Gimme Fiction, Girls Can Tell, and Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga. If that’s the case, this is probably the worst decision they’ll have to make all weekend.

CoS Recommends: Spoon. Jenny Lewis is a hit-or-miss show, and The Head and the Heart have been touring non-stop over the last year. Meanwhile, Britt Daniel & Co. just brandished one of their best setlists, and it’s highly likely they’ll be unfolding new music by August. Also, um, it’s Spoon. –Michael Roffman

08. Lorde vs. Vic Mensa vs. Broken Bells

lorde vic broken The 10 Worst Lollapalooza Scheduling Conflicts

Time: Friday, 6:30 p.m.

The 17-year-old Kiwi star vs. the Scottie Pippen of Chicago’s rap game vs. overexposure in band form. It’s a tough call because all three have their merits, but we’re getting to an oversaturation point with Danger Mouse that makes him skippable nine times out of 10, while Lorde continues to posture herself as the world’s largest pop star on Chicago’s largest stage. Vic Mensa is the underdog not only in this matchup but in the city he calls home, always the Lou Gehrig to Chance the Rapper‘s Babe Ruth. Time to let him shine.

CoS Recommends: Vic Mensa. Early Friday evening will be a great time to see Mensa’s fit to fest jam “Down on My Luck”, which I’m preemptively declaring the song of Summer 2014. –Pat Levy

07. Chromeo vs. Glen Hansard

chromeo glen The 10 Worst Lollapalooza Scheduling Conflicts

Time: Sunday, 4:45 p.m.

This decision comes down to whether you’re in the mood to turn up or turn down early Sunday evening. While Glen Hansard owes his fame to poignant live street (and stage) performances, Chromeo’s stellar Coachella show left spectators drenched in sweat and highly satisfied.

CoS Recommends: Chromeo. Being that White Women is arguably the duo’s best album so far, “Jealous (I Ain’t With It)” is an instant mood-booster and this might be your last chance to really bust a move before the post-fest depression hits Monday morning, Dave 1 and P-Thugg are the dudes to see. –Danielle Janota

06. Childish Gambino vs. The Avett Brothers

donald avett The 10 Worst Lollapalooza Scheduling Conflicts

Time: Sunday, 6:00 p.m.

Donald Glover against the Carolina brothers doesn’t seem too hard on paper. One’s hip-hop, the other’s folk. Make your choice, right? You’d be surprised how many fans drink from both wells.

CoS Recommends: The Avett Brothers. Gamibino’s a crapshoot at outdoor festivals, but that’s where the Avetts thrive. They’ll still be supporting last year’s disappointing Magpie and the Dandelion, sure, but they’ll more than likely pull out some classics off of I and Love and You, in addition to Emotionalism and Mignonette. There’s no better time than summer for those songs. –Michael Roffman

05. Phosphorescent vs. Parquet Courts

phos parquet The 10 Worst Lollapalooza Scheduling Conflicts

Time: Saturday, 1:45 p.m.

This one’s a showdown between two acts that could’ve easily been mid- to late-day staples at a hipper festival (*cough* Pitchfork *cough), but at Lollapalooza, it becomes a battle for crossover buzz. Phosphorescent comes in riding the mellow waves of last year’s critically lauded Muchacho, while Parquet Courts will rev through their sun-burnt post-punk just after the release of their upcoming Sunbathing Animal.

CoS Recommends: Phosphorescent… Though it’s a toss-up. It’ll be early enough in the day that a pogoing mosh pit will still sound like a great idea, but Phosphorescent’s gold-tinged tones and warped folk tunes seem ready-made for an outdoor August afternoon. –Adam Kivel

04. Interpol vs. Blood Orange vs. Portugal. the Man

inter orange portugal The 10 Worst Lollapalooza Scheduling Conflicts

Time: Friday, 4:30 p.m.

This comes down to what era of indie you put yourself in. Interpol were the cat’s pajamas when they broke out of NYC in the early 2000s, Portugal. the Man had a brief stint as the cool MGMT knockoff in the later years of the decade, and Blood Orange is currently held in the highest regard by many indie music lovers.

CoS Recommends: Blood Orange. Besides being an amazing musician, Dev Hynes’ live show has been gaining hype lately as he ascends to the level of a “musician who gives Ted talks.” –Pat Levy

03. Arctic Monkeys vs. Eminem vs. Phantogram

arctic em The 10 Worst Lollapalooza Scheduling Conflicts

Time: Friday, 8:30 p.m.

Arctic Monkeys are supporting arguably their best album to date. Eminem makes hip-hop theatrical with faux vodka bottles and horrendous pantomiming, but again, he’s Eminem. While Phantogram’s Voices is likely the preferred choice for exercise enthusiasts everywhere.

CoS Recommends: Arctic Monkeys. Personally, I’ll head home early to get grub before an aftershow, but if I was forced at gunpoint to stay on the premises of Grant Park in some ridiculous 24-like scenario, I’d watch Alex Turner begrudgingly. Then I’d run out before the last three songs to make the train. But that’s me. –Michael Roffman

02. OutKast vs. Cut Copy

outkast cut copy The 10 Worst Lollapalooza Scheduling Conflicts

Time: Saturday, 8:15 p.m.

The ATLiens or everyone’s favorite Australian synthpoppers? While it may seem like a David and Goliath matchup, OutKast have rolled out the same setlist for the past three stops on their festival reunion tour, and Cut Copy sure know how to put on a passionate, vibrant live show.

CoS Recommends: Outkast… C’mon. It’s Outkast. Though there is a caveat: If you’ve seen one of their other festival stops this summer, or were turned off by a perhaps less-than-stellar performance on a webcast, maybe you check out Cut Copy. (But no, probably just see Outkast.) –Adam Kivel

01. Darkside vs. Chance the Rapper vs. Skrillex vs. Kings of Leon

dark leon The 10 Worst Lollapalooza Scheduling Conflicts

Time: Sunday, 8:15 p.m.

You don’t want to end your weekend with the measles, so let’s rule out Kings of Leon now. If you’re going to see Skrillex, you probably already know it so there’s no point arguing the merits of people with full heads of hair. And then there were two.

CoS Recommends: Darkside or Chance the Rapper. You’ll be closing out your weekend on the strongest possible note with either of these shows, but a headlining Chance the Rapper show in his hometown might just be too good to pass on. –Pat Levy

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