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Watch: Deloreans’ video for “As Long As It’s Here”

on May 12, 2014, 12:00pm

Louisville, Kentucky art-rock outfit Deloreans (not to be confused with Delorean) have been crafting their Avant-garde brand of indie-rock since their formation in 2009. Over the course of two albums, 2009’s Love Outrageous and 2011’s American Craze, Deloreans have experimented with everything from funky riffs to tranquil folk sensibilities. Their latest single, “As Long As It’s Here”, finds the band further expanding their sound by indulging in synth-pop production.

The track’s accompanying music video features a similar mixture of the bizarre and abstract and the outright bubbly. Here, a woman falls head-over-heels for a mannequin with the superimposed face of vocalist Jeremy Perry. It’s like if David Lynch directed the 1987 rom-com Mannequinonly he somehow managed to make it creepier. Watch it below.

The “As Long As It’s Here” 7-inch is out now via Jangle and Roar Records.

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