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Watch: Flying Lotus’ video for “Phantasm”

on May 07, 2014, 5:45pm

Some 18 months after the album’s release, Flying Lotus has unveiled the video for the Until the Quiet Comes standout “Phantasm”. Shot in New Zealand by filmmaker Markus Hofko, the clip is a sci-fi version of the ol’ tried and true buddy film. That is, if the two buddies in question are actually a giant mop/Brillo pad creature and some kind of futuristic living shadow/hologram man. Oh, and instead of getting into wacky misadventures and learning life lessons, they trek around what appears to be the outskirts of Tatooine, as Brillo pup tries to keep Holo-Man from coming undone (quite literally I might add).

Other than those very minor differences, it’s practically like 48 Hours or Trading Places. Watch it below.