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Watch: Pixies’ video for “Silver Snail”

on May 29, 2014, 11:05am

Here’s what I know about Pixies’ new video for “Silver Snail”: it was directed by Mount Emult and its narrative involves a man dragging a mysterious load across a snow-covered field while chased by four men in masks. Here’s what I don’t know about Pixies’ new video for “Silver Snail”:

— What is the man dragging?

— Why is he being chased?

— How come one of the men’s masks looks like a constipated frog?

— How come the masked men just don’t run after the dragging man?

— Does all this take place pre- or post-apocalypse?

— How much acid was consumed in the creation of this video concept?

As if the rest of the video wasn’t a complete mind-fuck, the twist ending will no doubt leave you drooling in your oatmeal. (Hint: think Sisyphus.) Check it out below.

“Silver Snail” is off Pixies’ first album in 23 years, Indie Cindy, out now Pixiesmusic/PIAS. In continued support, the band’s on tour this summer/fall, including slots at Glastonbury, T in the Park, and Primavera Sound. Consult the full schedule here.