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Who’s the Greatest Drummer of All Time? Round Three

on May 15, 2014, 5:28pm
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And then came the next round… Last week, we continued our monthly tournament in search of the Greatest Drummer of All Time. Once again, thousands upon thousands of drumheads logged on to argue, offer their two cents, and, yes, complain that we had chosen the wrong men (and our lack of women) with the sticks. Some fellow readers were quick to remind them that these choices were all reader-submitted. Still, confusion was abound.

We’re no prophets, but we anticipate the same tomfoolery for this second-to-last round, and we also know this should end. Judging from the charts below, and the numbers from the past few weeks, we’re willing to bet our shirts that Neil Peart and John Bonham will go knuckle to knuckle next week. But hey, you never know, maybe there’s a legion of Danny Carey fans. As for Portnoy, um, good luck, pal.

drummers round 3

So, take the next minute, hour, day, or week to think it over. (Or, two seconds really.) Remember, we have one more round next week and that’ll be the real tough decision. You won’t be alone in your decision process as we’ll have a whole new essay weighing in the two last heroes. Then, we’ll finally know which guy with the sticks reigns supreme… at least to you folks.

If you need some more food for thought, here’s an article about how drummers’ brains are different than everyone else’s. Pretty cool stuff.

FYI: The voting booth is on the last page and be sure to comment below.

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