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Austin, TX is considering a statue of Danzig riding a dragon

on June 04, 2014, 6:05pm

I’ve lived in Austin, Texas for about six months, and so far I’m quite glad I left my beloved Phoenix behind. There’s plenty of amazing food (Franklin’s BBQ, Austin’s Pizza), people seem to have a fairly liberal attitude about day drinking, almost every restaurant allows dogs, and I’m no more than a 20-minute bike ride from a lake. Now, I might have one more reason to love ol’ Silicon Hills, as the city is considering a proposal to build a statue of — wait for it — Glenn Danzig. But not just any ol’ Glenn Danzig statue; rather, one of him riding a mythical dragon! “Well, we have a statue of kids playing hopscotch”, residents of Phoenix muttered sheepishly.

The statue’s idea is the brainchild of James Moody, owner of Austin music venue The Mohawk. Moody brought the idea to Monday’s meeting of the Austin Music Committee, which is an actual arm of the city council created to help bolster the city’s already-booming music industry. And, yes, it actually made the evening’s official agenda:

future goals 18488 Austin, TX is considering a statue of Danzig riding a dragon

Apparently, Moody suggested the idea “in jest”, according to KEYE TV, but later clarified that if the council are “willing to do it in gold, I’ll submit it as a serious idea.” He also added that the Misfits co-founder should have eyes made of pure rubies, cause why not? If it were to be erected, the triumphant statue would welcome visitors into the eastern edge of Downtown Austin. For an idea, check Metal Injection’s amazing rendering.

Though majestic it may be, the statue’s inception would be slightly miraculous. Though not an official part of the town credo, which I think is just “eat endless BBQ and enjoy Lone Star”, a Danzig statue might be a controversial decision in these parts. Back in 2011, the singer drew the ire of local music fans after an especially disastrous set at the annual Fun Fun Fun Fest. Still, who doesn’t love a good second-chance story?

I for one would be proud to have Glenn Danzig, mounted on a glorious dragon, welcome me every time I went to pick up my wife downtown or hit up the Kung Fu Saloon. While I start my letter-writing campaign, enjoy a few choice Danzig tracks below.