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Bonnaroo 2014: Top 35 Moments + Photos

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Wisest Life Lessons

Hannibal Buress with Sasheer Zamata and Emily Heller


Photo by Ben Kaye

Thursday, Comedy Theatre – 7:00 p.m.

In my seven years attending festivals, I’d been to a comedy tent exactly once, and it was such an unsatisfying/frustrating experience I vowed never to attempt it again. But Hannibal Buress is really freaking funny, and a good laugh felt like the right way to start the weekend after 15 hours on the road. Thankfully, The Eric Andre Show star delivered, telling tales about how to live life his way. Whether letting his fly hang low (“I wear silver pants; I don’t care about pants rules.”), peeing his pants while on molly and dancing through it (“I’m wearing silver pants; what’d you expect?!”), or making large investments to avoid lending money, Buress shared his askew perspective on the norm to rollicking reactions from the packed tent. Still, his best bit had to be pointing out how many rap songs discuss morning erections. Seriously, everyone from Mystikal (“Woke up this morning/ Rocked up/ Dick hard like wolverine claws”) to Lil’ Wayne (“I woke up this morning, dick rock hard/ Dick harder than an armadilla”) has done it, and it’s a disturbing trend. Keep an ear out. –Ben Kaye

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