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Glastonbury is now the world’s best smelling festival

on June 16, 2014, 2:00pm

As many can attest, music festivals are a great place to experience life-changing musical performances and eat yummy food. They are not, however, the best smelling places on Earth. Glastonbury Music Festival founder Michael Eavis hopes to change that, though, as he’s invested over a million dollars in porta-potties that’ll rid the festival ground of unpleasant odors.

As Eavis explained to The Independent, new composting “stink-free” toilets are being introduced at the festival this year. “There’s no smell, a huge capacity – it’s a fantastic achievement,” he explained. It’s fundamentally a huge improvement.”

Each toilet cost $35,000, however, “they don’t have to be touched during the whole week of the festival.” What’s more, Eavis said the toilets will fertilize the festival grounds for two years.

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