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Listen: Christopher Denny’s twangy new song “If The Roses Don’t Kill Us”

on June 25, 2014, 4:05pm

Christopher Denny’s unmistakable, high-register warble sounds like an artifact of a bygone era, a voice plucked from crackling golden country radio. Denny will continue to bring his self-described “Arkansas soul” sound to modern listeners with the release of his sophomore album, If The Roses Don’t Kill Us, due out August 5th via Partisan Records.

Whereas lead single “Our Kind Of Love” had a jazzy and brassy sway to it, the album’s title track has sort of a big band romp. Anchored by a bluesy piano and New Orleans-inspired horns, the song is a Southern jam, well-suited for a smoky 1930’s bar somewhere deep in the Bayou.

Listen in below:

If The Roses Don’t Kill Us Tracklist:
01. Happy Sad
02. God’s Height
03. Our Kind Of Love
04. Wings
05. Million Little Thoughts
06. Watch Me Shine
07. If The Roses Don’t Kill Us
08. Love Is A Code Word
09. Man A Fool
10. Ride On
11. Radio
12. Some Things

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