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Listen: Doozies and Flower Girl share new songs from split LP

on June 30, 2014, 3:45pm

Though they’re actually two separate bands, Washington D.C.’s Doozies and Brooklyn’s Flower Girl are compromised of the same six members. Having spent much of their respective careers releasing separate albums and singles, the collective has now come together for a new split LP. Due out July 1st via Aloe Music, Live In The Basement is described as having “two distinct sides, but is very much a cohesive effort. Almost every track is a love song in one way or another. Or they at least sound like it!”

Today, each band has shared a new single. For their contribution, Doozies has unveiled “Losin”, which blends vintage surf-rock tenacity with Ramones-inspired nonchalance. The track is wrought with apathy as it details sitting in bed, recalling all the parties and pizzas from the night before. Even the bright sounds of the snappy drums and fuzzy guitars cannot undo the overwhelming sense of regret hovering throughout.

In contrast, Flower Girl’s “Rubber Gloves” is a bit more subdued, with country twang and mellowed out vibes creating a lo-fi, alt-country vibe. The clean guitar arpeggios give a slight nod to old-school favorites like Buddy Holly, but with much more emotional detachment. The off-key harmonies on the chorus further add to the song’s earnestness, making the haphazardness feel all the more endearing.

Listen in below:

Doozies – “Losin'”:

Flower Girls – “Rubber Gloves”:

For more from the Live In The Basement, check out Doozies’ “Through The Cracks” and “Me +You”, as well as Flower Girl’s “Nightmare” and “Lovely Disease”. Pre-orders for the album are ongoing.


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