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Listen: Esben and the Witch’s new song “Blood Teachings”

on June 23, 2014, 11:00am

Post-rock Brits Esben and the Witch took to PledgeMusic earlier this year to raise funds for their studio time with Steve Albini. As of June 20th, the drive has reached 117% of its goal and the record is officially finished with a release set for later this summer. By way of thanks and a preview of the new LP, the band has released the first official single in the form of “Blood Teachings”.

Over nearly eight minutes, the track is a creeping demonstration of the band’s slow building noise-rock. Singer Rachel Davies reaches near Jim Morrison-ian levels of wavering yelps throughout the first half while brooding guitars kick a can down a dark street to the beat of stumbling drums. About halfway in, the music fades back and Davies hypnotically coos “Divinity exists within / vitality resides in skin / be complete” before the instrumentation comes stomping back, charging towards the chaotic sounds of the song’s final arch. It’s the type of dramatic arrangement fans recognize from Esben and the Witch, with Albini’s practiced fine-tuning clearly present in the meticulous control. Take a listen below.

Below, tour Albini’s Chicago studio in this exclusive video:

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