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Listen: Hooray For Earth remixes Chad VanGaalen’s “Where Are You?”

on June 13, 2014, 11:00am

Earlier this year, Chad VanGaalen released Shrink Dustan effort notable for its dark lyrics and haunting, electronic-folk instrumentation. So, having New York synth-rock outfit Hooray For Earth remix album standout “Where Are You?” is like the scene in a high school rom-com where the popular girls give the goth kid a preppy makeover. Sure, he ends up looking gorgeous, but wasn’t his inner beauty there all along?

“Where Are You?” goes from being a menacing, noisy experimentation to a shimmery, dance-ready summer anthem. Here, VanGaalen’s industrial percussion is replaced with snappy drums, bouncing bass lines, and a rather choppy guitar line reminiscent of an early Nile Rodgers. Even VanGaalen’s typically spooky vocals sound upbeat and vigorous with the new, more glossy sheen.

Listen to the remix below:

Hooray For Earth are currently prepping to release their sophomore album, Racyon July 29th. Check out the album’s anthemic lead single, “Keys”.