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Listen: I’m An Island’s dreamy new song “Passion Phruit”

on June 12, 2014, 1:00pm

I’m An Island, aka New Orleans songwriter J. Gardner, revels in psych-pop’s placid beauty. While he’s yet to put out much material, the glimpses we’ve heard so far, including “iamurhome”, have all been serene and atmospheric. On July 1st, he’ll finally issue his first official release with an as-yet-untitled EP. In anticipation, Gardner’s shared the effort’s first track, entitled “Passion Phruit”.

Gardner’s laid-back and thoughtful demeanor is apparent in the blissful, synth arpeggios and faint, reverb-drenched guitar. The drums are sparse, allowing room for Gardner to fill the space with his light and airy vocals. Gardner’s gentle vocals readily pierce the hazy instrumentation, crooning on the chorus, “I had a lazy look around/ And you are what I found.” The warmth in the production and lyricism makes for a comforting listen, suitable for slow-moving afternoons.

Listen in below:

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