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Listen: Moon Boots’ new song “Whatever You Need”

on June 04, 2014, 2:15pm

Since hitting the scene in 2010, New York-based producer Moon Boots has embraced the vast potential afforded by the digital age. With a real sense of tenacity, he’s established his nu-disco aesthetic by steadily relasing original tracks, extended mixes, and various remixes via his Soundcloud page. Keeping with his steady output, Moon Boots is set to release his latest single, “Whatever You Need”, on June 10th via French Express.

“Whatever You Need” encapsulates Moon Boots’ style, favoring infectious and subtle grooves over flashy, sonic gimmicks. R&B samples garnish his minimalist beats, which only slightly build in intensity over the five-and-a-half minute track. There’s also a pronounced sense of nostalgia that hearkens back to early ’90s House and dance music, only slightly tweaked for more modern and discerning sensibilities.

Listen in below: