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Listen: Tomahawk’s new song “M.E.A.T.”

on June 05, 2014, 11:45am

Earlier this week, the undisputed king of singing, one Mike Patton, hinted at upcoming recording plans for Faith No More. As it turns out, he’s also got something in the works for Tomahawk, his long-running supergroup featuring Jesus Lizard guitarist Duane Denison, Battles drummer John Stanier, and bassist Trevor Dunn.

Later this year, they’ll release a 7-inch featuring a pair of outtakes from last year’s Oddfellows LP. Today, they’ve unveiled one such track, entitled “M.E.A.T.” The band take skate-punk guitar, dense percussion, crunchy bass, and heaps of feedback and blend into a crushing slab of pure Grade A rock. Plus, if you’re not already familiar with Patton, the song offers a crash course in his multi-faceted vocal styling, from ethereal wailing to his frightening, um, growling.

Listen in below:

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