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Listen: White Violet’s new song “Weighs”

on June 17, 2014, 1:00pm

Georgia indie-rockers White Violet are known for their tranquil and soothing bedroom pop. Recently, though, the outfit opted to leave behind the “bedroom” in order to find a new sense of intimacy in their music. To do so, they made an exodus for North Carolina, where they spent time in the secluded studio of engineer Scott Solter (Spoon, Superchunk).

At Solter’s hideout, the band found themselves totally removed from the “relationships and shitty jobs” they had while recording 2012’s Hiding, Mingling. The end result of creative exile will be heard on their sophomore album, Stay Lost, due out September 23rd via Normaltown Records.

In anticipation, White Violet has unveiled the lead single, “Weighs”. According to frontman Nate Nelson, the track is about the “impending doom of an anxiety attack”, adding, “But from a familiar and experienced point of view. As if anxiety were an old high school friend that frequently shows up unannounced and eats all of your frozen pizzas.”

Even with a metaphorical freezer full of deep-dish ‘zaw on the line, “Weighs” feels surprisingly calm and self-assured. Nelson’s voice croons solemnly over shimmering guitars and steady drums. Glimpses of Nelson’s internal battle seep through in the lyrics,  as he anxiously repeats the defeated mantra, “It weighs down on me.” It seems isolation has unearthed a wellspring of emotions and given the band valuable fuel for their dreamy blend of pop.

Listen in below:

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