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Duran Duran are suing their fan club for $40,000

on July 23, 2014, 1:50pm

As it turns out, fan clubs aren’t necessarily full of sappy teenagers longingly writing letters to rock stars in hopes they might one day marry them or become their new BFFs. (Please get back to me, Rick Springfield.) Some are big businesses, with a sizable number of companies across the globe whose sole responsibility is to create additional revenue streams for the actual artist.

The Chicago-based Worldwide Fan Clubs is just one of these companies, and until recently they counted Duran Duran among their list of satisfied clients. Only now, the ’80s pop icons have sued WFC for failing to deliver several contractually-obligated payments. I hear thousands of adolescent hearts shattering in every corner of the world.

As The Chicago Sun-Times reports, Duran Duran filed a lawsuit earlier this week in the amount of $40,000. According to the suit, Duran Duran and WFC entered into an agreement in 2010, where the latter would create and manage the band’s global fan club.

As part of the deal, WFC would be responsible for the sales and inventory of Duran’s merchandise catalog, collecting membership fees, and maintaining accounting records, all while splitting the profits 75-25 in favor of Duran. The group’s attorneys allege that WFC never kept accurate financial records and have yet to deliver revenue payments.

So, in case you’re concerned, just remember: Duran Duran still loves their actual fans; they’re just upset that they aren’t the ones profiting from your admiration.

If you’re still a fan after reading this, you’ll be pleased to know Duran Duran is still at work on their 14th studio album, which could hit shelves later this year. The follow-up to 2010’s All You Need Is Now is set to feature ex-Red Hot Chili Pepper guitarist John Frusciante.