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Fun Fun Fun Fest just wrote the best response to Death Grips

on July 02, 2014, 9:13pm

Many fans likely feel spurned by today new’s of Death Grips’ breakup, none more so than the folks behind Austin’s Fun Fun Fun Fest. Of the band’s many canceled tour dates, Fun Fun Fun has been burned twice: first in 2013, and again this year.

Now, Fun Fun Fun Fest organizers have made their true feelings known by hilariously spoofing Death Grip’s break up letter with one of their own. And, yes, it’s written on a napkin just as Death Grips did for theirs.

Here it is in full:

“We are now at our super best and so our relationship with Death Grips is finally over — we have decide to consciously uncouple forever, after being stood up twice at the altar, we had to look deep into our soul and ask if Death Grips really loves us or is capable of loving anyone, and the unfortunate answer is ‘no.’ We are better than that. So we have officially stopped following Death Grips on Twitter out of fear of seeing them at another show or with other fans — it’s just too soon. Our upcoming fest in November will still happen and with a replacement that loves you and us for who we really are, FF was and always has been a full on metal, physical, and cerebral sensory overload fiesta of delight anchored by butt-shaking, head-banging good times. Above and beyond a ‘fest,’ we deserve real love, and so do you. To our truest fans, please stay epic… and stay tuned.”

fff letter