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Glastonbury 2014: Top 30 Moments + Photos

on July 02, 2014, 4:09pm
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Best Unrelenting Use of Graphics


Glastonbury 2014

Photo by Nathan Dainty

Saturday, John Peel Stage – 10:45 p.m.

Anyone who had their fill of Metallica, and didn’t fancy Bryan Ferry (!), could have done worse than stray down to John Peel to catch MGMT’s closing set. As usual, the stage was rammed, but there was some benefit to standing outside the tent, even if that area was pretty full, too. From there, festivalgoers had a perfect vantage point of the incessant back projections that gave a whole new meaning to the word unrelenting. Those who watched the entire carnival of creatures, flowers, and kaleidoscopic shapes might still be in for surgery. Musically, messrs Vanwyngarden and Goldwasser focused on tracks off last year’s self-titled third studio album, and 2010’s maligned Congratulations. Of course, “Time to Pretend” and “Kids” went over well. –Tony Hardy

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