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Kanye West’s Bonnaroo “setlist” is something to behold

on July 09, 2014, 3:24pm

It was a month ago this week that Kanye West made his highly-anticipated return to Bonnaroo. In the end, the performance proved divisive thanks in part to several lengthy diatribes and proclamations regarding his greatness, in addition to a setlist which saw many songs cut short or restarted all together.

Recently, the folks at Funny or Die managed to get their hands on Kanye’s actual Bonnaroo setlist, and it’s really something to behold. TIL, I must have been blacked out from an excessive amount of Cranberry and Vodkas, because I don’t remember Charlie Rose’s cameo. Which is a shame, because I really love Charlie Rose.

Also, he has a point about Elves sounding like Elvis.

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