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Listen: Christopher Denny’s lovely new song “Watch Me Shine”

on July 23, 2014, 7:00am

“Arkansas Soul” troubadour Christopher Denny will release his new album, If the Roses Don’t Kill Us, on August 5th via Partisan Records. On his two previously released singles, “Our Kind Of Love” and “If The Roses Don’t Kill Us”, the silky-voiced crooner melded his crisp tenor with twangy Americana and New Orleans brass.

His latest track, “Watch Me Shine”, is probably his most guitar-based preview of the LP. With a smoky, blues-driven riff carrying the track with light organs and, of course, Denny’s jaw-dropping voice making the whole thing come together. In an interview, Denny revealed “That song was just about some of the more fucked-up times in my life.” He added, “There was a lot of judgement being pushed down on me by myself and by other people. If you’re a human being and on this planet, you already have such a struggle. Just being born, existing, you deserve some sort of respect.” Listen in below.

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