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Listen: JJ’s new song “Dean & Me”

on July 30, 2014, 10:00am

In my experience, love is both terrible and wondrous simultaneously. When you’re in its grasp, that endless joy is usually accompanied by a tinge of anxiety. And when you lose love, there’s somehow a sense of affirmation in all that misery. As far as capturing this befuddling dichotomy, Swedish pop duo JJ have done a commendable job with “Dean & Me”, the latest single from their forthcoming album, V.

Like so much of love, the song’s interpretation depends on your relationship status. Lines like “I fucking shake calling hoping you awake because I’m falling apart because I’m falling in love with you and something inside me tells me we could be together” could easily be taken as either romantic declarations or desperate pleas. Elsewhere, singer Elin Kastlander’s vocals are both sensuous and solemn, while the minimalist synth and classical piano are both ache-filled and almost uplifting in their scope.

Listen in below:

V is due out August 19th via Secretly Canadian. For more sounds, check out “All White Everything” and “Fågelsången”, which surfaced last June.

V Tracklist:
01. V
02. Dynasti
03. Dean & Me
04. All White Everything
05. When I Need You
06. Fågelsången
07. Full
08. Innerlight
09. Hold Me
10. I
11. Be Here Now
12. All Ways, Always

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