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Listen: Lost Boy ?’s new song “Graves”

on July 29, 2014, 3:00pm

Punctuation rebels Lost Boy ? have long earned their question mark. First formed back in 2001, the Long Island outfit is less of a band and more of a tornado centered around frontman and principal songwriter Davey Jones, who also plays with Brooklyn indie rockers Baked. These days, Jones jams with Ryan Foster, RJ Gordon, and Matt Gaffney. Next year, who knows?

Jones and his current iteration of bandmates will release the outfit’s debut cassette, Canned, on August 5th via Double Double Whammy (the vinyl LP is coming via Double Double Whammy and Old Flame in March). Already they’ve unveiled the crunchy “Hollywood”, and today they’re offering up a B-side from the album’s recording sessions, “Graves”.

Even if it’s not a part of the record proper, “Graves” is a perfect capsule of the band: bubbly, spring-loaded, weird, and sad. “We hold each other’s hands in our graves,” Jones sings, his voice working its way through heavy corrosion. He gets trebly like early Sparklehorse, his notes loose and tangled as a junkyard piano faces off against a hand shaker and ragged guitars burn through the rubble. This is pop that threatens to fall apart, only to bounce victoriously in one piece past the finish line.

Listen to it below:

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