Sponsored Post: Modelo Especial’s Origins of Authentic Craftsmen

on July 29, 2014, 4:05pm

Craftsmanship cannot be learned; it comes from the love and appreciation for what one does. Being a craftsman means being hands-on, original, passionate and driven in order to be a master at your craft.

In their latest video series, Modelo Especial has showcased craftsmen who excel in their work and share Modelo Especial’s passion for self-expression and authenticity. This includes metalworkers like Garry Alderman of Method Bicycle, tattoo artist Big Sleeps, as well as famed street artists such as Cesar Perez, Mata Ruda, and Zimad. In this series, Modelo asks each craftsman what their definition of craftsmanship is and how their respective skills have defined their life.

Modelo Especial prides itself on quality, authenticity, and staying true to itself just as these craftsmen do in their work. Check out the video above and learn more about other craftsmen at www.Modelocraftsmen.com.