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Stream: The Hawks (Of Holy Rosary)’s new album What Team Am I On?

on July 18, 2014, 10:30am

San Antonio garage rock outfit The Hawks (Of Holy Rosary) will release their sophomore album, What Team Am I On?, on July 22nd via Texas Is Funny Records. In anticipation, it’s streaming in full below.

The Hawks began as a duo of guitarist Frank Weysos and bassist Chuck Hernandez, who met back in the first grade. (In fact, the pair took their name from the elementary school where they met.) After forming in 2010, The Hawks later garnered a sizable following in their hometown, playing a steady stream of shows and releasing the odd single. However, shortly before recording What Team, the band expanded into a full-blown six-piece band.

The album finds the band finding a balancing between disenchanted punk and celebratory garage-pop as they explore the perils of being young. Album opener “Robert DeNiro” takes on thoughts of rebellion with chunky guitars and a narrative about dropping out of school and not caring about living a “really good life”. Weysos’ anthemic wailing against the organ crescendos on “Snakes and Hawks” begs to be yelled along with in a room of sweaty, smiling people. With a mix of punkish chaos and a sense of pop-like organization, The Hawks craft songs where emotionality and infectious grooves share equal footing in creating a true sonic experience.

In short, this record is an impulsive, lively romp that feels like the house party you always wish you were invited to.

What Team Am I On?  Tracklist
01. Robert DeNiro
02. It’s Just Work
03. Fuck My Way To The Top
04. Freak of the Week
05. Dizzy
06. Ez PZ
07. Zach and Jack
08. Who Is Myself
09. Snakes and Hawks
10. Panda Buffet
11. First Punch