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The Drop, Vol. 3: Riverwest Fest, Q&A with patten, and 2014’s Biggest Bangers (So Far)

on July 02, 2014, 12:00pm
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Senior Staff Writer Derek Staples returns to discuss the ever-evolving market and culture behind EDM. This time around, however, he’s gone ahead and expanded his column to be something akin to an online zine, featuring op-editorials, investigative reporting, guides, track selections/reviews, and interviews. Don’t wait for it, read ahead now: The Drop.

The joy and horror of music discovery is that no matter how far you dig, there is always more to uncover. With almost zero barrier to entry and endless sonic possibilities, any given day in the electronic music realm offers up unimaginable numbers of tracks to score one’s own existence. From the moody and melodramatic to mindlessly uplifting, there are nearly as many genres as there are reasons to need them.

The following begins to examine that range, including a look at Chicago’s newest underground dance music event, an enlightening dialogue with the man behind the often-jarring artistry of patten, and a collaborative look at what has kept bodies moving during the first half of 2014. But think of this more as a discussion about what drives this amorphous community, so we encourage everyone to share their current faves, personal mixes, what has yet to be unearthed, and the live sets that we just can’t miss.

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