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Top 10 Music Festivals in North America: Summer 2014 Power Rankings

on July 03, 2014, 12:00pm
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10. Pitchfork

pitchfork 2014 lineup

FM: Another solid lineup that puts Lollapalooza to shame. Pitchfork is still the only U.S. festival with St. Vincent this summer, and her set at Sled Island was the best headlining performance I’ve seen all year. Although she’s only sub-headlining here, that’s still a win.

CO: They know their audience, and they play to it well. They also keep bringing in acts that conventional logic says are too big to play P4K — Björk last year, Beck this — and show no signs of slowing down. They keep the bookings interesting too, with Kendrick Lamar, Giorgio Moroder, Grimes, and Slowdive among the many acts you won’t find on many other lineups.

MR: I still hate the way you’re stuck in Union Park once you arrive — I know there’s not much around there, but I just don’t like feeling caged in — so that’s always been a negative for me with Pitchfork. Still, they’ve assembled a fine lineup this year, and although I’ll be missing the weekend’s strongest day (Friday), I’m excited for the rest of the shenanigans. I’m also intrigued to see if they plan on subbing in any acts for Death Grips or The Julie Ruin, two acts that’ll be tough to replace.

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