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Watch: Katy Perry’s wildly imaginative video for “This Is How We Do”

on July 31, 2014, 2:49pm

I honestly don’t care what Katy Perry “do” in her music videos because no matter what, she’s always having one hell of a good time. She could be a Jungle queen kicking it with tigers or a birthday-celebrating “Craigslist Clown”, throw any freaking scenario Perry’s way and I bet the corresponding clip would be bursting with color, personality, and an imagination that truly knows no bounds. (I had a revolving door of imaginary friends as a kid, so trust me on this.)

She lets her creativity go wild yet again in her new Joel Kefali-directed video for Prism standout “This Is How We Do”. In some scenes she’s a blue-haired ping-pong prodigy, in others she’s seen “swimming” with fishes while chowing down on tacos, and occasionally you’ll spot her looking fab in a pepperoni pizza bodysuit or posing as a piece of abstract art. Basically, it’s a crazy damn free-for-all with endless wardrobe changes, personas, and themes. And when it comes down it, well, I would expect nothing less from a song that seems to proclaim loud and proud Perry’s life mantra of uninhibited fun.

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Watch the video below:


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