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Watch: Lana Del Rey’s video for “Ultraviolence”

on July 30, 2014, 11:38am

Perhaps I’m reading far too much into this, but I’d venture to say that Lana Del Rey has been telling a story with the videos from her excellent new album, Ultraviolence. The tale began with the visuals for “West Coast”, which captured a care-free Del Rey sauntering around a beach with her youtful beau. Then came the clip for “Shades of Cool”, wherein Del Rey left behind the sand and sun to engage in a love affair with an older man. It makes me wonder whether “West Coast” was some kind of romantic dalliance, or had Del Rey actually ended her callow existence for a life of monogamy? (Or, maybe she’s actually immortal and both clips are the same love affair merely years apart. Dun dun dun.)

No matter, we get the next chapter in the Del Rey saga with the video for the album’s title track. The grainy clip, which looks like it was shot on a busted Super 8 camera, finds Del Rey donning a wedding gown as she makes her way to a church. Has she finally accepted a life of commitment? Is this perhaps her fantasies whilst still wandering the beach? And just who does Del Rey turn to face at the clip’s finale? Either way, I am more entertained than that week I spent watching Passions with an ex-girlfriend.

Watch it below (via Noisey):

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