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Watch: “Weird Al” Yankovic spoofs Pixies with “First World Problems”

on July 19, 2014, 11:21am

For his latest cinematic masterpiece behind Mandatory Fun“Weird Al” Yankovic has revealed the video for “First World Problems”. As the title implies, the “Weird” pokes fun at the Armageddon-like problems faced by society on an everyday basis: “The thread count on these cotton sheets has got me itchin’ / My house is so big I can’t get Wi-Fi in my kitchen / I had to buy something I didn’t even need so I could qualify for free shipping on Amazon!” And it’s all soundtracked by a Pixies-esque rocker. Watch below (via Pop Crush).

Also make sure to watch the other, equally hilarious videos behind Mandatory Fun, including his parodies of Pharrell (“Tacky”), Robin Thicke (“Word Crimes”), Lorde (“Foil”), and Iggy Azalea (“Handy”), along with the original composition “Sports Song”.