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Worst to Best: New “Weird Al” Yankovic Music Videos

on July 22, 2014, 5:00pm
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Christmas, or maybe Hanukkah, came in July this year. Over the course of the last eight days, kids of all ages shirked chores, kept spouses waiting, and cubicle surfed on the company’s dime all to see the latest music video from “Weird Al” Yankovic’s new album, Mandatory Fun. And like anyone who celebrates Christmas or Hanukkah already knows, sometimes you unwrap an Xbox and other times you get socks. We definitely got some of each from Al this week.

Now, the fun—and, yes, it’s totally optional, Al—becomes sorting through all the gifts from Santa Yankovic and determining the gaming systems from the footwear. And, as we discovered, it’s not always what you’d expect. A brilliant parody doesn’t necessarily make for a classic Al video, and a ho-hum send-up you routinely skip on the album can alchemize into comic gold with the right video makeover.

One thing we all can agree on, though: Come day eight of the video rollout, we were all pulling for a “Jackson Park Express” short film. Oh, well, maybe next year … if we’re good.

-Matt Melis
Senior Editor

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