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Belle & Sebastian’s Stuart David to release memoir on band’s early days

on August 24, 2014, 12:00pm

Stuart Murdoch recently made his directorial debut with God Help The Girl. Meanwhile, Belle and Sebastian’s other co-founder, Stuart David, is making inroads in the literary world. As NME reports, David is set to release his first-ever memoir in February 2015 through Little, Brown and Company.

In The All Night Café covers David’s first 18 months as a member of Belle and Sebastian, which he formed in early 1996 alongside Murdoch. According to a blog post, the title was inspired by a popular fan myth that the band was formed during a meeting in an all-night cafe near Glasgow.

The book will begin by documenting the formation of Murdoch and David’s two early bands, Rhode Island and Lisa Helps The Blind, and lead into the release party for Belle and Sebastian’s 1996 debut, Tigermilk.

“I’d been keeping a folder on my shelves called Tigermilk of things that had never been documented,” David wrote in the blog post. “I thought one day it might make a book.” He also noted the book is only 55,000 words long — and not the 70,000 he’d been commissioned to do — because “the process of fixing up what needs to be fixed has begun in earnest.”

After leaving Belle and Sebastian in 2000, David formed Looper. He’s also taken several university courses in creative writing and written two novels, Nalda Said and The Peacock Manifesto.

Listen to “Tigermilk”: