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Killer Mike holds his own on FOX News

on August 28, 2014, 3:13pm

Killer Mike has spoken out extensively on the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri following the killing of black teenager Michael Brown. In the last two weeks alone, he’s addressed racism, police brutality, and the over-militarization of America through Instagram posts, an op-ed in Billboard, and even a live interview on CNN. Now, the Run the Jewels rapper took his thoughts to the Fox Business Chanel show The Independents.

While Fox News has a reputation for propagating conservative, right-wing agendas and its blatantly biased reporting, Killer Mike’s appearance was met with much professionalism. Again, he discussed the growing tension between the country’s communities and their local police squads, saying there needed to be better, more active efforts to build trust.

“I believe we need to have more police athletic leagues and less tank vehicles,” said Killer Mike, he himself a “staunch supporter” of the Second Amendment, which allows Americans to bear arms, the son of a police officer, and a member of the NRA.

Calling on communities to engage with the police in more productive manners, he urged citizens to “vote locally” and “know your local police chief.” He offered similar advice to police officials, challenging them to introduce neighborhood outreach policies and to “be a part of our community again” rather than simply “occupying our community.”

On the topic of Michael Brown, the MC pleaded for thorough investigation into the shooting. He also condemned the town’s local police for their grave insensitivity towards the mourning Ferguson community and their reprehensible use of tear gas on American soil.

Below, watch his full interview on Fox News. (Ed. Note: So this is where MTV’s Kennedy wound up…)