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Listen: Nick Hakim’s soothing new song “I Don’t Know”

on August 06, 2014, 4:55pm

Nick Hakim specializes in the kind of neo-soul that makes your face melt — in a good way, that is. Just a month after releasing his debut EP, Where Will We Go Pt. 1, the Brooklyn crooner is already back with new material, and it’s promising in more ways than one.

Lined with tiny trickles of piano and a mellow, lounge-y groove, “I Don’t Know” is as unassuming as a song can get. However, it turns out that its modesty is its strongest asset, especially when led by Hakim’s svelte vocals, which manage to drip with emotion without ever being bogged down in cheesiness.

I played this song for a friend of mine last night and he said that it made him “sleepy.” I almost took offense, but he was quick to note that it was only because the track, despite the potent emotional content, feels like a warm, fleece blanket of serenity. I’m totally inclined to agree.

Listen in below.