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Listen: Real Estate covers The Nerves’ “Paper Dolls”

on August 25, 2014, 12:45pm

When you think of Real Estate, their warm, reverb-heavy guitars and relaxing jams inevitably come to mind. As they demonstrated with recent covers of The Cranberries and Grateful Dead, the Brooklyn-based four-piece are also quite skilled at providing chilled-out takes on other people’s songs.

Now, the band scraps the sunny vibes entirely as they deliver their rendition of The Nerves’ ’70s power pop anthem “Paper Dolls”. A feel-good energy still permeates the track, but Real Estate now feel more wild and reckless than ever before, embracing a kind of unadulterated raucousness they may had only previously hinted at.

Explaining the drastic shift to Pitchfork, bassist Alex Bleeker said, “I’m drawn to the Nerves’ intricate guitar work. We’re interested in creating similar guitar parts for Real Estate, but the Nerves have a more aggressive sound so I thought it would be fun to wear that ‘musical costume’ for a while. He adds, “Blondie already did a pretty good job with ‘Hanging on the Telephone’, so ‘Paper Dolls’ seemed like the next logical choice.”

Listen in below.

“Paper Dolls” appears on Real Estate’s new “Had To Hear” 7-inch. It’s out today via Domino Records.