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Listen: Saint Pepsi’s breezy new song “Fall Harder”

on August 12, 2014, 3:30pm

Saint Pepsi, aka Long Island-based producer Ryan DeRobertis, makes bubbly, disco-indebted pop music. As he demonstrated with “Fiona Coyne” last month, DeRobertis’ saccharine pop songwriting is near-irresistible, a sound gleefully spanning genres and time periods with the contagious enthusiasm of someone just discovering their new favorite hobby. With the track’s accompanying B-side, “Fall Harder”, DeRobertis further displays his growth as a pop music scientist.

Writing on Facebook, DeRobertis explained, “I hope it’s the soundtrack to the rest of your summer, or at least for the days where it’s hot and sticky and you don’t have anything better to do.” While it’s not exactly the in-your-face sugar rush of “Fiona Coyne”, its smooth, guitar-based hooks, summery arrangements, and breezy melodies still grab at your attention. DeRobertis also sings on the song, showing that he’s also neatly developing as a vocalist.

Listen in below.

“Fiona Coyne” b/w “Fall Harder” is available now as 7-inch from Carpark Records.