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Morrissey hasn’t been dropped by record label, says Morrissey’s record label

on August 15, 2014, 10:08am

Those of us who’ve covered Morrissey long enough have come to realize there’s always another twist to the story, even when it comes to something as pedestrian as him eating pasta sauce or catching a cold. So it should come as little surprise there’s conflicting details regarding Morrissey’s relationship with Harvest Records.

Last week, Morrissey posted a statement on True-To-You claiming the had been dropped by the record, “as directed by label boss Steve Barnett.” Many assumed the label’s decision had to do with Morrissey’s latest diatribe, in which he accused Harvest of failing to promote his new album, World Peace Is None of Your Business.

However, Harvest says otherwise. In fact, a representative for the record label has told Billboard that Morrissey remains under contract and owes the label another album.

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Knowing Morrissey, we can probably expect another long-winded statement before the day’s out. Stay tuned.

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