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Morrissey, yes that Morrissey, curated a new Ramones album

on August 25, 2014, 12:51am

Photo via Morrissey-Solo

Nothing about Morrissey screams punk, but Morrissey is actually a pretty big punk head. He briefly fronted a punk band before forming The Smiths and he frequently cites acts such as the New York Dolls and Patti Smith as among his biggest influences. He’s also a super fan of The Ramones, who has said, in quintessential Morrissey fashion, “my love for the Ramones would out-live time itself.”

This might explain why Morrissey was charged with curating the tracklist and sleeve (below) for a new Ramones greatest hits album. A statement on True to You said the compilation would soon be released through Sire / Rhino Records, adding, “Morrissey is thankful to the Ramones management for this invitation.”

morrissey ramones

Below, watch a brief clip of Morrissey discussing punk music.